Selah Mountain Ministries is a Biblically foundational church outreach that provides in-person and web based services, counseling, education, and training.

We believe that the Bible provides thorough guidance and instruction for faith and life. Therefore, our ministry bases its outreach, faith, and practice only on Biblical principles. Our ministries are available to anyone regardless of denomination or religious affiliation. We hope that as you explore our web site you will learn that we are different in that we are not ashamed to openly proclaim that we are dedicated to ministering from a Christ-centered Biblical perspective.

We are a family of believers in Jesus Christ who desire to honor God by applying His wisdom through Biblical instruction in all areas of life and ministry. That being said, we believe that this is best accomplished by inspiring and encouraging each other to become more like Jesus in our relationships; not intimidating each other to adopt some legalistic form of religion that causes division. Our focus is not how many people we positively impact just on Sundays,​ but instead we focus on how many lives we can positively impact worldwide throughout the whole week using web-based technologies.


Selah Mountain Biblical Counseling is a Christ-centered counseling outreach that provides assistance to help individuals, couples, families, and groups to overcome the issues of life through the wisdom and power of Biblical counseling. Our counseling is based only on principles and teachings found directly in the Bible, and not those of psychology or psychiatry. Because our counseling relies exclusively on the text of the Scriptures, we are non-denominational in our approach, which makes our counseling effective for anyone, regardless of denomination or spiritual belief system. Read more…


Selah Mountain Pastoral Care is a Christ-centered, spiritual care outreach to those who may need the services of a minister, but for whatever reason, cannot find a minister that is available or willing to help them with their spiritual needs. We provide ministerial assistance in areas such as Christian weddings, funerals, end of life pastoral care, visitation, administration of ordinances, or any other capacity where the assistance of a minister is needed. Read more…


Selah Mountain Resources is a web based center that provides access to a variety of Christ-centered resources that can be used to strengthen an individual’s relationship with the Lord and to arm them with the tools necessary to minister to others. These resources come from a variety of sources such as this ministry, other ministries, or other outlets which allow us to provide the resources directly through our ministry. It is our desire to provide these resources at reduced cost and any proceeds that might be gained are used solely to support the continued outreach of this ministry. Read more…